Car Shipping Miami

So you wanna move to the luxury city, Miami? Right?

Miami has one of the best beaches in the United States. The hotels are extravagant. It’s one quick hop on a cruise ship down to the Caribbean. The weather’s pretty great. I can guarantee you you ain’t gonna be shoveling snow! The rent’s cheap (especially compared to California and New York). The food is Latina cruisine. It’s really incredible. It’s almost like a never ending vacation.

Or you actually want to move away from Miami?

For some reason, Miami is a mecca of drug dealing. The crime is high. One time a friend of mine found a dead guy while walking around. Cocaine is dealt around like there’s no law enforcement. There is also greater economic opportunities in California and New York. It’s great for vacation but not unless you want to further your career.

Either way, we got you covered! Read on to learn more about our car shipping services located in Miami, Florida.

Best Auto Carrier in Miami, Florida

We have one of the best operating records in LA of anybody there. Our customers are always satisfied. Your vehicle is insured to a very high amount (probably around $100,000). No matter what size your vehicle is, we can handle it.

Car shipping is our passion. We love to help people move to the city they want to have an adventure in next.

We’ve been in business for over 5 years but we plan to still be here in 100 years.

We’re reliable, fast, safe.

Shipping Your Car From MI is as Easy as A-B-C!

Can you say ABC?

Here goes:

A. Call us for a free quote. Tell us about your vehicle, your destination, and we’ll tell you how long it will take, how much it will cost.

B. Specify a pickup and we’ll take delivery of the vehicle

C. Specify where you want us to drop it off.

You ready to get started to move your car?

We also service these locations near Miami, FL:

        • Bradenton
        • Clearwater
        • Fort Lauderdale
        • Hialeah
        • Hollywood
        • Homestead
        • Lake Worth
        • Naples
        • Orlando
        • Pampano Beach
        • Sarasota
        • Spring Hill
        • St Petersburg
        • Tampa
        • West Palm Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to Auto Ship?

Call for a Free Quote on the cost.

There are many factors it depends on:

  • distance, obviously
  • pickup and delivery locations
  • open or enclosed

It is a good idea to call our car shipping specialists for a more exact idea on how much it would cost.

Will the car be safe and undamaged? Is it insured?

We tow your car. It will not use any mileage. Some people are dishonest and drive your car in order to save themselves some money. We don’t do that.

Your car insurance can cover any damage. It is highly unlikely your car suffers damage.

In fact vehicles are insured up to $100,000 in an open carrier and up to $250,000 in an enclosed carrier.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

Typically a week. We sometimes put the car on a boat in order to make it cheaper than trucking it. That could increase the delivery time.

Do you guarantee delivery/pickup times?

Yes we do, to a reasonable time frame. There should be no reason for a delay. We aim to bring your car in the city ahead of schedule so that we never miss the pickup/delivery times.